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When it comes to gutter protection, choosing the right gutter guard is of utmost importance. Avoid choosing the wrong one by knowing the things you should avoid when shopping for gutter guards.

Many Adelaide homeowners opt for gutter guards to improve gutter function and promote a maintenance-free home. While this may be a worthy move, it can be detrimental if you install the wrong type of gutter guard Adelaide. In fact, installing the wrong gutter guard may be worse than leaving your gutters open. 

Many gutter guards available at your local hardware store or home improvement depots tend to trap debris in screens or mesh wire. Some are loose-fitting and move out of place, allowing roof debris to enter the gutters. Some gutter guards are also designed to fit underneath the shingles, which lifts the bottom edge of the roof and damages it in the process. 

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5 Things to Avoid When Shopping for Gutter Guard

When shopping for the ideal gutter guard, there are five things you should avoid:

  1. Steel or Metal: While they may look sturdy and long-lasting, steel or metal gutter guards are prone to rust and corrosion. Once this happens, the rust in your gutter guard can stain your gutters and low roofing sections. At the same time, the corrosion can also result in faster wear and tear. 
  1. Wire of Mesh: While it may seem like a great option for gutter guard Adelaide, wire or mesh guards will soon lose their appeal when leaves and tree debris become lodged in them. The wire mesh, for instance, is just the right size for dried leaves to small twigs.
  1. Coloured Plastic: Colored plastic gutter guards are meant to provide protection and aesthetic appeal. However, this gutter guard is very hard to keep in place. It almost always clips onto the front of the gutter and slips under the shingle over time. In addition, constant contraction and expansion of the plastic material due to the outdoor weather will cause the gutter guard to dislodge, allowing debris to enter your gutter and ruin the entire purpose of having a gutter guard in the first place. 
  1. Difficult to Install and Remove: This category is for any gutter guard thats difficult to remove, repair, or replace. The ideal gutter guard Adelaide shouldnt be complicated. Avoid variants that are high-priced, difficult to repair, and can only be installed by trained professionals.” Also, avoid gutter guards that dont allow any view of the inside, as they make it impossible to inspect and maintain your gutter system. 
  1. Foam-style: Finally, you should avoid any foam style. Foam gutter guards are terrible for a lot of reasons, but two big ones are that they simply dont work, and they cause more harm than good to your gutters. Tree debris that lands on a foam gutter guard will eventually sprout in it, leaving your gutters in a worse situation than if you just left it wide open. 


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