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Drawing a connection between the words “legal,” “creative” and “marketing,” may be tough, but the fact is, law firms need to use all the tools and technology available to reach potential clients wherever they might be. In spite of what you may believe, legal marketing doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. Here are 7 creative legal marketing ideas for your law firm:

creative legal marketing ideas for your law firm rocket lawyer

1. Invest in SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is designed to put you in front of the people who will be making a decision on legal representation in the near future. They may have already decided that they need legal services, but they may not be sure who is the best choice. SEO will ensure your web content has the sought-after keywords that prospective clients are typing into a search engine. These will depend on your area of specialty and location and may include words and phrases like “divorce lawyer,” “slip and fall attorney,” “personal injury lawyer Smallville” and more.

An SEO specialist can help determine the words your potential clients are using most and demonstrate how they should be included in your online presence. Effective SEO will improve your organic results, placing you higher in search engines without you having to pay for the privilege. This is work that you can do on your own if you are so inclined. Keep in mind, however, that successful SEO brings more clients to you, and can be well worth the investment.

2. Provide relevant, newsworthy content

Closely related to SEO, content marketing demonstrates your expertise in an area of law. This can be done through regular blogs, videos, infographics or articles on topics that may be of interest to your potential clients.

Infographics in particular, can be a powerful way to communicate information and data about complex legal issues in an easy to understand, more graphic format. There are plenty of free online infographic makers that can help you create your own in under an hour.

Keep in mind, subjects don’t always have to be directly related to the law. Your potential clients may be interested in subjects like “The Importance of Seeking Medical Attention After a Slip & Fall,” “Downsizing After Retirement,” or “Five Things to Do Immediately After a Car Accident.”

Potential clients often look for information related to their legal issue prior to securing an attorney. Anticipating their questions and proactively providing answers for them can be beneficial to your firm. When you position yourself as an expert, it improves the chances clients will contact you when they get ready to make a decision.

3. Have a social media presence

At the bare minimum, lawyers should have a LinkedIn profile to showcase educational and career achievements. This ensures at least your basic information is available online for potential clients.

A social media presence like Facebook also makes you more accessible for potential questions and referrals. Social media should keep you better connected with your current clients, colleagues and friends. Posts can also be shared or tagged by those who may know someone in search of legal assistance.

Make sure you are available for questions and referrals that may come through social media. You may want to keep a professional social media page separately from your personal page.

4. Participate in local events

Getting involved in community events will open up new opportunities for you to build your network. This can involve everything from hosting a canopy at the county fair to leading the way in a specific fundraising campaign.

Many “movers and shakers” in a community are well-connected and involved in various boards and community organizations that would treasure an opportunity to have an attorney assisting them both in manpower and in knowledge.

Build your community involvement resume without getting weighed down. Choose events and organizations that have an interest to you. Encourage any staff you may have to get involved. Consider joining a service club or two, but make sure any organizations you get involved with are in alignment with your core beliefs. This is important in building your brand and establishing a respected reputation.

5. Create short online videos

What used to take expensive audio and video equipment can now be accomplished on a cellphone or laptop. Create short one to two-minute videos that provide answers to most commonly asked legal questions in your field and build a YouTube Channel.

Connect videos to your website and social media, creating a digital marketing funnel. Keep your productions simple with basic graphics in an office setting with just you and the camera. Talk directly to the camera and don’t forget to smile. Answer questions you most frequently get asked about on the telephone or online.

This is a superb opportunity to address potential client’s common issues without repeatedly doing it on the phone or online.

6. Integrate reviews on your website

Customers and clients used to ask family members or friends for referrals before shopping or acquiring professional services. Today, most are just as likely to go online and seek online reviews.

Anonymous reviews today have just as much credibility as personal recommendations. You can make client reviews easier to access by putting them directly on your website.

Feature the most positive reviews prominently. Publish reviews that speak to topics important to your prospective clients. If well-known community members are willing to provide testimonials or reviews, make sure you use them.

7. Join an online legal services network to bring you more clients

An online legal services network can be an excellent resource for new clients. Rocket Lawyer’s On Call Network is free to become a part of and all you need to do is be willing to answer legal questions. This can help you bring in new clients as many are in the process of deciding if it’s time to retain an attorney. To learn more, contact Rocket Lawyer today.

Creating new marketing opportunities for your legal firm need not be difficult or expensive. Get started today and start building your client list tomorrow.