Lawyer of Nicole Sumpter says she did not trigger the loss of life of 9-month-old


EUGENE, Ore.– Nicole Sumpter plead guilty Tuesday for criminal mistreatment and tampering with evidence involving the death of an infant, but her lawyer said she did not have a part in his death.

Laura Fine, said her client admits to not taking the proper steps to call for help, but she said Sumpter did everything she could to save the baby’s life. Fine said the baby had a history of medical problems and was misdiagnosed by doctors.

In August of 2018, Sumpter was caring for 9-month-old William Cannon when he went into cardiac arrest. According to Fine and court documents, Sumpter tried to perform CPR on Cannon. She stepped away to let a grandmother pickup up her grandchild she was also taking care of. Sumpter acknowledged deleting photos of that child she had on her phone.

However, according to Fine’s statement at Monday’s sentencing, she said the baby was anemic and not given proper care from doctors that lead to his death. She said there were no marks of abuse on Canon that could have lead to his heart attack.

“Nicole Sumpter deeply grieves the death of this infant that occurred while in her care. She cared for and loved this child. Medical records make it clear that she did nothing in any way to cause or contribute to his demise, but she is nonetheless eternally moved by his loss. She sends love and compassion to his family knowing that nothing she can do will abate their pain.”

Sumpter was sentenced to three years’ probation.