PCA says investigation into demise of 19-year-old killed in custody of PCSD will proceed, household responds


TUCSON (KVOA) – The family of a 19-year-old Bradley Alexander Lewis, who died in the custody of the Pima County Sheriff’s department, is looking for answers after a statement by the Pima County Attorney’s Office says they continue to investigate the incident. This comes after a PCAO official said no charges were warranted.

Back on Jan. 20, 19-year-old Lewis was reportedly shot and killed by a PCSD deputy in connection to a report of an adult male attempting to break into vehicles at the 2100 block of Morning Jewel Place near La Cholla Boulevard and Overton Road.

Previously, in a letter sent from Pima County Attorney’s Office Chief Trial Counsel Rick Uklesbay to Pima County Sheriff Chris Nanos, Uklesbay states that he believes the shooting of Bradley Alexander Lewis was justified. He also states that no charges are warranted against deputy Caudillo, who fired his weapon, or any other deputy involved in the case.

But, the statement from Unklesbay did not sit well with Pima County Attorney Laura Conover.

Conover, in a statement from her spokesperson, said in part, “P.C.A.O. confirms the case was investigated by an experienced and well-respected P.C.A.O staff attorney, whose opinion is that no charges against the deputy are warranted.”

But, the statement from Conover’s spokesperson goes on to say “Laura has always promised transparency and accountability. Thus, all such incidents will be reviewed by P.C.A.O. senior leadership, including Laura, before charging decisions are deemed final.”

The Lewis responded to the statement from the county attorney and said in part, “the injustice was obvious to us but we are pleased to hear that this premature conclusion did not sit well with.”

With the new statement from the attorney’s office, Conover has communicated to the Lewis family’s attorney, Eduardo Coronado, that this case will continue to be reviewed.

The family’s full response can be found below:

We have endured six weeks of innuendo, speculation and distractions from the Pima County Sheriff’s Department.  They have refused our requests over and over and, in our opinion, created delays in providing factual information, or any report at all. That travesty came to a head yesterday, as PCSD announced the case was closed and the Deputy cleared.  The injustice was obvious to us but we are pleased to hear that this premature conclusion did not sit well with  Pima County Attorney Laura Conover, either.  It’s comforting to know some leaders stand by their promise and advocate for transparency and accountability. We look forward to finally getting answers on what happened, and why an unarmed teenager is dead.

The full statement from the Pima County Attorney Lina Conover stating that the investigation will in fact continue can be found below.