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It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year again. Not only are we in the middle of the holiday season, but it’s also open enrollment–that time when you get to choose an insurance plan for the upcoming year.

If you’re one of the millions of Americans with health insurance (covered by an employer insurance plan or the Affordable Care Act), you are likely reading through pros and cons of different insurance policies and plans.

And while you’re on the topic of benefits, don’t overlook the new pillar of benefits– Legal Benefits. Alongside medical, dental and vision is the legal benefit that many Americans are relying on to take care of any legal issues that come up.

You read that correct: legal.

Legal is a benefit that you don’t think about until you actually need a lawyer, but according to a 2015 Rocket Lawyer survey, 74% of employees will have a legal issue arise this year. You can’t always predict when you might get that speeding ticket.

That’s where Rocket Lawyer Legal Benefits comes into the picture. Now in its third year, Legal Benefits covers over 100 thousand employees at companies such as Yelp, TuneIn, Pinterest, and Stripe.

And unlike traditional insurance plans where you have to wait for open enrollment, legal benefits can be rolled out anytime throughout the year.

“Rocket Lawyer is a great benefit for our employees because it provides them with access to lawyers and legal documents that they need in terms of meeting their personal legal needs,” said Deanna Grams, Senior Resources Manager at TuneIn. “Employees can set up a trust, an advanced healthcare directive, or get advice on other personal matters such as adoption or divorce.”

With Rocket Lawyer Legal Benefits, employees have access to thousands of documents for free, the ability to ask an attorney a question at no charge and get significantly discounted rates for attorneys.

And whether you are getting married, drawing up a Will or would like a lawyer to look over your new lease, you will enjoy the comfort of knowing that we’ve got you covered for any legal issue that comes up.

If you are a Human Resources Manager and would like to know more information, or if you’re an employee who would like to see your company add Legal Benefits, email us:  legalbenefits@rocketlawyer.com.